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Understanding Shorter URL:

Shorter URL is one of the businesses that do someone a link URL to shorten. It is widely done by most bloggers. The reason here is to get the extra money from the blogs they write. Typically, this is done by a member or members of the website that provides the means to shorten the URL.

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Made Shorter URL :

For the authors, one of whom blog blog download Short Link is needed for their income. Because of the well-known advertising services network could not receive the blog theme download. Then the unambiguous short this link for their income.

Why Should We?

The strongest reasons why you must join us is you guys will get paid here with the high reaching IDR 100 to IDR. 1.000 per click. In addition there is also a feature that is very easily understood by lay people with comprehensive features accompanied statiktis and registration history you guys also get shorter links up without restriction.

How Do We Pay You?

Kami menyediakan menu untuk pengambilan uang dengan cara transfer bank. Selain itu kalian bisa menarik uang jika saldo telah mencapat IDR 100.000 ( Seratus Ribu Rupiah ) dan uang dikirim saat peninjauan telah selesai. Selain itu kami juga menerima pembayaran melalui pulsa